Recent Work

A Tailored Bohemian Home in Scarsdale, NY

This layered and livable oasis was created for a family who left their Manhattan life for a family friendly living in Scarsdale, New York.  Take a peek inside to see how we transformed their space into an energetic home filled with bold pattern and color that reflects their playfulness and sense of whimsy.  Photography by Seth Caplan.

wall mural install shot_WMCaplan_Malter-9_WM


Caplan_Malter-3A serene and modern beach house in Sag Harbor,NY

This project was completed for a family with young children who wanted a chic and modern getaway that was also kid and pet friendly. They also didn’t want it to feel overtly “beachy” so it felt inviting in during all four seasons.  Photography by Daniel Wang.

A sun drenched, modern home in Queens, NY. 

We created a airy and bright kitchen and bathroom in a compact space that was high on style and function.

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_MG_3061-Edit_FAn energetic living room for a young family on Long Island, NY. 

The goal here was to create a modern an energetic living room that felt more elevated than the other spaces in the home without feeling formal and stuffy.  We used bold colors, mixed metals and organic patterns to achieve this balance and we are thrilled with the outcome!  Photography by Daniel Wang.

Classic meets modern in this chic and tailored living room in Old Brookville, NY

This living room is a study of patterns and textures inspired by nature.  The rug is a painterly take on reflections of leaves in the water.  The various wood finishes a blend of cerused and weathered oaks.  The antique mirror and hammered and brushed metals all intertwine to create a relaxing yet refined environment.  Photography by Daniel Wang.

A custom work-life balance.

This desk and storage area was designed for a multi-functional space that once served as a formal living room.  These clients are anything but formal so we deleted that from the record.  We created a space that was conductive to work, play, and lounging.  Sort of the lobby of the house.  More photos coming soon!  This space was created for a Homepolish project.  Check out the feature story here!  Photography by Seth Caplan.